About Us


LA Dodgers Training Academy is a youth sports training and operations platform that supports local teams, coaches, leagues, and communities at all levels of play to positively impact through the vessel of sport.

With world-class instruction, technology, and administrative services, our goal is to create training and development programs that empower our athletes and communities both on and off the field. We are driven to reaching the whole athlete – the player and the person.

Our sole mission is to develop, foster, and nurture a love and passion for sport, all while providing an unforgettable learning experience and creating lifelong Dodger fans.


We put men and women in front of our athletes who all played at the highest levels and are determined to be a person of influence in the lives of those they encounter. All organizations powered by LADTA are committed to the same ideals and values of putting child development, professional-level instruction, and equal opportunity at the forefront of youth sports. View an updated list of instructors.